The Penny Pinchers Go To Paradise

2018 is a special year for my boyfriend and I. He reaches the milestone birthday of 25 and I will also celebrate my golden birthday. To celebrate, we’re taking a trip that I used to think that I’d only see through Sandal’s commercials or YouTube.

Sleepless in Seattle

This is a little tale about my sweetheart. It’s also about learning how to love, how to forgive, and how to say yes to the things that may not be so popular. 


I can still smell the salt water and hear the waves crashing into one another. The dark blue water and the crystal clear sky. The warm burning sun on my skin.

All Aboard!

So something amazing is happening! In exactly 5 days, 9 hours, 12 minutes, and 45 seconds I will be boarding my very first cruise with Carnival. I’ve never experienced an all-inclusive getaway like this and I couldn’t be more thrilled! For five days and four nights, my boyfriend and a good friend will set sail to the clear seas and explore the unknown.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

This year has been revolutionary for me. I’ve always been the “play it safe” kind of girl. I’ve stayed happily within my comfort zone, never challenging the rules or boundaries. But this year has been incredibly different. It all started on December 29th, 2016 in Seattle, WA. I was flying from my cozy warm desert to a much cloudier and snowier city in a conquest of mending a fractured love — sounds like such a romance novel right?