10 Brutally Honest Things About My Relationship

I hate to break it to you, hopeless romantics, but my relationship is nowhere near perfect. Here are 10 brutally honest things about my relationship to show you that even the picture-perfect couples are dealing with sh*t.

Gobble Til You Wobble

Gobble gobble! I hope you all had a wonder(full) Thanksgiving with the ones you love. How did you spend your holiday? Huddled around the table sharing stories, playing a game of spades, or shouting in front of the TV watching football? 

Sleepless in Seattle

This is a little tale about my sweetheart. It’s also about learning how to love, how to forgive, and how to say yes to the things that may not be so popular. 

Father’s Day.

I’ve spent the last 4 hours of this day scrolling through my social media feeds admiring happy family photos of my friends with their fathers. Usually, on this day I’ve spent in celebration of my own father…but this year is a bit different.

Best Friends

I had just started my freshman year of college. What a time to be alive! I had just turned 18 and moved to Phoenix completely on my own. Many students were fearful to be completely on their own but I was ecstatic.