The Penny Pinchers Go To Paradise

2018 is a special year for my boyfriend and I. He reaches the milestone birthday of 25 and I will also celebrate my golden birthday. To celebrate, we’re taking a trip that I used to think that I’d only see through Sandal’s commercials or YouTube.

The Monster Under The Bed: Understanding the

As a kid, one of the most common fears is the scary monster under the bed. Whether it haunts you from behind the walls of the closet or tucked away in the dark, the idea of this beast haunts us. As you know, with time we outgrow this fear as a result of maturity and the reassurance from our parents that “honey, it’s not real”. We look back and scoff at the idea that we were so afraid of something we could not see. But as we grow older, another fear arises. Another monster that sometimes haunts us.