Dear Faith,

I’ll just be honest and cut to the chase – yesterday f**king sucked.   It was mostly my own damn fault though. Typically, my Saturdays consist of and are reserved for self-loathing, wallowing in self-pity and walking around in old t-shirts and sweats because I haven’t, and don’t plan on taking a shower. I usually…

Golden Year

It just occurred to me that today is my half birthday…I’ve been 24 years old for six whole months. And I’m so incredibly disappointed…although my golden year may be halfway over, I still have halfway to go. I’m going to make it count.

Dude, You’re Slackin’

So much has been going on and I’ve been slacking! Time to get back to the good stuff here on TPOP.

The Lighthouse

Sometimes I wish that navigating through life was as easy as punching in an address that populated results that show the route with the least traffic, fewest stop signs, and shortcuts. Instead, I’m looking for my lighthouse.

Holy 200!

When I started this blog in my tiny little corner of the internet, I didn’t think that anyone would read it besides my mom and my boyfriend. But boy was I wrong!

Your Desire For A Better Life Is Ruining Your Life

Whether you dream of material things like a better job, a healthy relationship, a bigger home, a newer car, or non-tangible things such as a purpose in life or the desire to make a difference, we always have these “things” that we desire to make our lives better. But there’s a catch…and it’s HUGE.

Still,​ I Rise.

Some people get tattoos because they want to be a badass; others get them because they have a deeper meaning.