Living Your Best Life

Unlocking your best life shouldn’t be a secret

That’s why Rhonda Byrne wrote an entire book about it. As you all know, I’m embarking on my journey to manifesting my dreams so my success story is still in progress. Fortunately, I’m inspired by hundreds upon thousands of stories from people just like you and me that have proof that the Law of Attraction is more than just talk.

Here are a few of the captivating stories that have encouraged me this week. One day soon, I’ll be able to add my personal story to this list. I hope that these incredible stories touch your heart, uplift you, and encourage you to unlock the secret in your own life.

Life Is Wonderful When You Believe It.

I did not have any aim in my life so when my mom and dad wanted me to be a doctor I said “yes”. But the first time I tried I didn’t get admitted into any Med school. My family was sad but I said I will try again. As I was trying to learn, my mind wasn’t really into the study. I thought my life had no meaning and I got depressed. Then my sister gave me a book. I read it and I learned that I can be whomever I wanted to be. I started to believe that I could be a great doctor. So I woke up every day and thanked all the Universe and my family. In everyday life, I acted like I was a Med student. I called my friends to talk about exams and my classes in Med school. I wanted to get admitted to DMC. So I acted like I was there and I felt good about it

Finally, my result was out and I got admitted into my dream college! Now I am excited to start my new journey. Although it was my parent’s wish, now I am equally happy about my path, so thank you Ammu and Abbu. Thank you Bithi who helped me when I was in my worst place.Thank you to The Secret for bringing happiness to my life and to thousands of others. Lastly, I wanted to tell you all that life isn’t about having one path in your life. If one is closed another will open. Please believe that whatever is happening is for your own good. Trust me, you will see the magical world all around you.

Love to you all.

Eity, Bangladesh


The Universe Gives You Everything You Want.

I had just finished my college and had started working for a multinational company. I wanted to be recognized at work and applied The Secret and became one of the top performers at work! I visualized a perfect life partner and a life in a beautiful country. I met my husband who was exactly the person I had imagined! We moved to the US just 6 months after our marriage and have been living a happy life with some amazing friends. I imagined studying further and working in an American company. I now have 2 masters degrees and a great job with wonderful colleagues. I imagined a baby and today I am the mom to this wonderful 2-year-old beautiful girl. We bought our dream house last month and have been able to get everything we ever asked the Universe for. I have had my shares of ups and downs but the end result has always been what I have imagined and wished for!

Light of Hope, India


Visualized, Believed, Let go And Manifested $1000!

I started off with little things like flowers, pizza, ice cream, shoes and sometimes, I even found myself manifesting things without even realizing it. I decided last month that I would attract money. I visualized having exactly $1000 in my hands and even separated my budget on how I would spend it including giving some to my parents out of gratitude and helping street dogs. I felt grateful for the money and had a lot of faith in the Universe. The hardest part was letting go but I was gradually forgetting about it with time.

Two months later, I got to see my see result of my 10th grade and my aunt who had always loved me as her own daughter, handed me in cash, $1000!! I knew she was going to be giving me some money at some point because she had told me about it months ago, but I did not know when or how much. I’m still stunned at the amount of money I received. It works guys!!

Adweta M., Kathmandu, Nepal


My Breakthrough

To be continued…

— The Pages of Paige


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  1. You have two masters degrees, well done

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    1. Ha, no I don’t. I have two bachelor’s though! These are success stories from the book ‘The Secret’. Maybe one day!

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      1. Oh I get it, sorry.

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