Placing Your Order in Life

So I was watching this video…

All good stories begin with those six little words right? Okay, maybe not. But in this case, I took away a few nuggets of wisdom, as my mother so delicately calls it.

This week I’ve been focusing on the idea of manifesting great things into our lives. We have far more power over what energy surrounds us than we realize. We are entirely in control of what the universe brings our way, and I have a quirky metaphor to explain how.


In tough times, there are always a handful of people who make me feel better: My mom, my boyfriend, my best friend, (some other awesome people), and Oprah. She’s literally a goddess and I’ve crowned her as my spirit animal.

So earlier this week when I was feeling sick and defeated, I re-watched one of her talk show episodes titled, The Secret. The entire episode focuses on the best-selling novel by Rhonda Byrne, and the success stories of her guests. One particular woman, Lisa Nichols dropped some wisdom about the universe.

“If you were at a restaurant and you ordered something, you fully expect it to come served that way. That’s how the universe is. You’re putting out orders — consciously and unconsciously. So if you say, ‘I’ll never have a great relationship,’ you just placed an order.”


Well damn, when you put it like that, I want to reconsider every “order” I’ve ever placed into the atmosphere. It’s all starts with the way that we think. When we think and speak positively, positive things will come to us. Of course on the contrary, when we are negative, we open the front door and welcome negative things and situations.

In the context of placing orders, I visualize how I feel physically and emotionally when I order my favorite meal — I’ll use Texas Roadhouse as an example because I’m a sucker for those damn rolls. I swear, I order the EXACT same entrée every time my boyfriend and I visit. Call me unoriginal or boring, but when you love something, you stick with it!

I always tell the waitress specifically how I’d like my steak cooked, how much extra sour cream I’d like on the side for my potatoes, and how steamy I’d like my loaded chili. I can visualize exactly how sexy the meal looks and can describe it in incredible detail. And boyyy let me tell you, although I’ve had this meal what feels like a million times, nothing can quite describe the look on my face and the feelings in my heart when I see that large, steaming tray of deliciousness.

Okay, so now that I’m sufficiently drooling and starving, I want to bring it all together.

Just as I know exactly what I want from Roadhouse and expect it to come as ordered, the universe works the same way — if the universe was a peppy waitress with cowboy boots and let out that special “YEE HAWW” of course. When we put ideas, wants, and desires into the universe and expect them to happen, they will.

So if you know that you really want to lose 30 lbs by the end of the year, and you claim it into the universe (place your order), you bet you’ll be 30 lbs lighter in no time. Now, this doesn’t go to show that the universe has a magic wand and does everything on its own. It takes some work on our part of course. If you want to shed the weight, you’re going to have to at least take a few walks through the park. But if you believe your goal to be true, claim it into the atmosphere, it will come to fruition.

But because the universe is an experienced waitress, she will bring you exactly what you order — even if you order the wrong thing. When you put negative things into the universe, like complaining about your job (guilty), or your old car (guilty, again), or your empty wallet (okay, maybe I need to slow down), you will continue to receive stress and unhappiness as a result…because that’s what you’re asking for. It’s sort of like ordering pasta and expecting prime rib.


So take a good look at your life.

Think about the things that you want and imagine that you’re in a booth, covered in peanut shells at Texas Roadhouse. Place your order and unbutton your pants. Ask for great things from the universe and believe them to be true…and they will be.



If you’re interested in watching Oprah’s full interview, visit the site here.



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8 Comments Add yours

  1. I am just getting into these theories a little. I think I may have subconsciously manifested a few things as well. This was a great read but also made me hungry!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried to warn you girl! I was starving by the time I pressed publish. I bet you can guess where I want to go out to dinner this weekend.

      I’m sure that your kick-ass goals have had something to do with the thoughts you’ve been having so I’m praying that you continue seeing these great little things 🙂


  2. So true dear 🙂🙂 Love this post x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, sugar ❤ I'm so glad that you liked it and hope that it brings wonderful things into your life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your welcome dear 🙂🙂 x x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This was PERFECT. Now let me go get in my booth!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! You can plop right down next to me and we can order up!

      Liked by 1 person

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