The Secret Sauce to Manifesting A Kick-Ass Life

Hey friends! Long time, no talk. 

I’ve been a total wimp and haven’t been disciplined enough to publish or share great content with you all. I’m so sorry to let you down. I’ve been too busy sulking around the house beating myself up about all of the things that I want in my life that I haven’t been able to make happen yet (and to top it all off, I’ve been sick).

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

I’m sure that I’m not alone in this. We’ve all seen the commercials of people blissfully strolling along the beach, decorating their new home, or making that “chirp chirp” sound as they unlock their brand new 2018 sports car. Most of the time, I bury my face in my palms and say “that could be me”. Ahem! Hell yeah it can be! And it’s about time that I start making it a reality.

So that gave me a lovely idea of what I want us to talk about this week. I want to expand on the idea that we have the power to manifest great things into our lives and have the power to influence the things that happen to us. What’s even cooler is that I’ll explain how we can be friends with the universe to create the things that our hearts to desire. This week will be jam packed with ideas and the ‘secret sauce’ to living your best, kick-ass life.

Let’s get this week started with some Monday motivation: 



“What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.”

— Anonymous



Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 6.40.08 PM.png

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  1. rysieblog says:

    Great post!
    I’m going to go out on a limb here, at the risk of sounding like a crazy person, but I make a vision board most months, as well as a big one for each year.
    I spend a bit of time really focussing on what it is that I want when I’m putting each one together, and I’m really specific. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single thing I have put into every single board has come to fruition.
    Just this month, I found out I got a job that I thought was way out of my league at this stage of my career, but in November, I made a board declaring that I would have this job in 2018.
    Thoughts become reality if we give them the power to manifest as such.
    Write your dreams down, SPECIFICALLY and then set your focus to believe that you are worthy of them.
    I don’t know how it works, or why it works, but it’s actually changed my entire life, in every way possible.

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    1. OH MY GOODNESS! You beat me to the chase! That’s exactly what I’m writing about tomorrow! I’ve been cutting out little bits and pieces of magazines all night. I am totally amazed by your story. What types of things did you put on your board?! It’s like a miracle project. I’m so excited to finish mine. You literally just gave me the chills 😍

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      1. rysieblog says:

        I actually use a vision board app these days, by hay house (free for ipad) but basically, I write specific statements of intent. Eg. I will have a dining table before christmas. I will be accepted for this job in 2018. Etc and also find images to match what I am saying, or take my own photos. I tend to make a board per “topic” if there’s something I’m really striving for, otherwise I just make a broad, overall intentions board. Right now, I have a specific board going for my husband, which I hope has the same effect.

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      2. Oh wow!! That’s amazing. I’m so happy that it’s working so well for you! I’m praying that I am as fortunate ❤️

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  2. DGGYST says:

    I fucking hear you! I have been sick for the second time this winter! It really makes it easy to slack! I read a quote somewhere that said something like “the universe works around the clock to fulfill your desires” and I hated it at first, but I find that believing that the universe is pulling double duty for me, really lifts my spirits!

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    1. Dude, my body has been kicking my ass this winter. Every time someone sniffles I come down with a cold! But I’m tired of letting it get in the way of all of the bad-assery that I need to do 🙂 I really like that quote. The universe is such a crazy thing and I’m really starting to tap in to it! I can’t wait to see how my vision board turns out!

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  3. Speak to me BlogBestie!!

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    1. Girl, you know I’m just trying to help ❤

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  4. Sorry I have been MIA. I’m sorry you are sick! I am sick too. It’s The Worst. Willing myself to be healthy and drinking lemon garlic ginger tea like it’s my job. You are SO hard on yourself Paige. In between bludgeoning yourself, I hope you are grateful too for everything you have—even your ambition to succeed is a wonderful gift! You will!!

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    1. I’ve been missing you! Welcome back, my friend. I hope that you’re feeling better 🙂 And you’re absolutely right – I am sooooo hard on myself and now that I recognize it, it’s totally wearing me out! I’ve been so much better as of 2018 to write down and remember the things that I’m grateful for and the things that bring me joy in dark times. This blogging community of friends is always on that list ❤ Good to have you back sugar!

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      1. ❤️ Thank you! I’m very hard on myself too. And excellent point—i’m very grateful for this blogging community too. Kind of what’s keeping me going at the moment.

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      2. Of course! I feel the same way. We can do this 🙂 stay strong.

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      3. Thank you!! I really appreciate it!

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