5 Christmas Traditions to Start this Season

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You made it halfway through the week. You deserve a glass of wine…or five. Let’s take a sip and check out what’s buzzing in my world this week.

Every Wednesday as I sip on a glass of wine, I’ll be covering something that I’d like to share. That inspiration may be a story, an open-ended question, noteworthy news, or just an update on how my life is going. Your pick!

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Thanksgiving is behind us and we’ve finally eaten all of the leftovers. So you know what that means! It’s time to blast the holiday tunes, set up the tree, and deck the halls!


Christmas is by far, my favorite time of year. Everyone is jolly, giving, and glowing with holiday spirit. If you’re not ho ho ho’ing this season, let’s find something for you to celebrate. Whether you just landed a new job, broke off a bad relationship, or simply scratched up enough change to pump gas in your car, we’ll find something to brag about on Santa’s lap.

For me, I’m celebrating the fact that I made it through 2017. Can I get an amen?! It’s been a wild year (to say the least) and I can’t wait for what 2018 has to throw at me. So let’s round up the reindeer and talk about some of the new Christmas traditions I want to start this year.

*sips wine* 



Holiday photos

Long gone are the days of waiting in the obnoxious line at the mall as you wait to take a picture with Santa. Unless you have little ones of your own, you’re probably dressing up in Santa hats instead. I’ve always talked about taking family photos for the holidays, but this year has been all about new traditions. My family has gone from five to four with my pops saying “sayonara” but we’ve added a new member of our family — my boyfriend! What better way to show off our new group than to dress up in matching outfits in front of a holiday backdrop and taking expensive pictures?

Say cheese!


Seeing Christmas lights

Arizona typically (and by typically I mean like NEVER) gets snow during this time of year so we make up for it by decorating cacti in glistening lights. There are plenty of places in town that host events of the holiday lights. There are quite a few stops that I want to make. In Glendale they have Glendale Glitters, the Phoenix Zoo has Zoo Lights where they dress the animals up for the kiddos — actually, they use animal props but could you imagine a giraffe decked out in lights? That would be amazing. And at the Desert Botanical Garden, they host the annual Las Noches de las Luminarias festival. More than 7,000 luminaries are set out along the garden pathways, turning the grounds into a wonderland of light and shadow.

Who’s joining me?!


Adopt a family

My family and I used to do this when I was a kid and it’s something that I want to continue as I get older. If you do nothing else this Christmas, be your very own Santa and adopt a family that may not be able to buy gifts. Trust me, the love and gratitude of these incredible people will make your entire holiday. This simple gesture is what the season is all about.


Pajama party

Who doesn’t need an extra pair of PJs to keep you warm during the cool winter nights? I’m sure I can find some extra room in my closet. They don’t have to all match or even be holiday themed, but this tradition is one that my family has loved for years and is always a great way to spoil your friends and family on Christmas Eve. My boyfriend still rocks his outfit gifted from my mom a few years ago. This tradition is timeless.


Christmas movie night  

Is it even Christmas time if you aren’t watching your favorite classic movies? Here’s a hint: the answer is hell no! Dig up your old cassettes, DVDs or see what Netflix is offering and cuddle up! Usually, I spend this tradition with my family (in our PJs from the year before), but this year, I plan to try this one with some close friends. So grab your holiday popcorn, hot cocoa, and cookies and press play, ya filthy animal.


— Paige





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  1. Breakfast With Peach says:

    Sounds great. Thanks. I think after all the christmas cleaning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you try a few of these! I’d love to hear about them 🙂


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