You Are A Gladiator

“You are a gladiator. Gladiators don’t run, they fight. They slay dragons, they wipe off the blood, they stitch up their wounds…

…and they live to fight another day”

— Scandal

Have you ever tuned into an episode of Scandal on ABC? If you’re anything like me, your eyes are peeled to the television on Thursday nights tuning in to the latest episode.  There’s something about Olivia Pope, played by the phenomenal Kerry Washington — when she enters the room, everything stops, watching in awe as she takes control. I’ve always admired her confidence, fearlessness and the power in her step.

I want to be that kind of woman. 

In the show, she works with a small team of what she calls “gladiators”. Fearless people who push the boundaries, don’t take no for an answer, and stop at nothing to be the best at what they do. There’s something powerful about that kind of attitude and it’s time that I tap into my own.

Last week I gushed about the challenges I’ve been having as the new girl in my new job. After a weekend of self-reflection, pep talks (and a few drinks), I woke up this morning and felt like a new woman. I got dolled up, put my game face on, and strut into the office like I owned the place. Prior to this morning, it’s like I’d forgotten who I am.

I am Paige Herbert.

A passionate and vibrant young woman trying to make a colorful mark on the world. Just because I’m not “Miss Popular” in the office does not mean that I should hold back or keep quiet. I am overflowing with ideas, just waiting to break the mold in this industry.

So today, I went in with a different mindset. Instead of focusing on if my coworkers like me, or how they feel, I focused on my craft. So why should I hide in fear? You’re exactly right. I shouldn’t.

I put some bass in my voice, sat up straight, and let everyone know that I had arrived. Just like Olivia, I want my peers to know that I mean business and that everything I touch will be gold.

So I hope you continue to tag along with me on this journey, of self-confidence and growth in my career. I’m excited to see the great things I’ll do and I hope that I can make myself proud.

I am a gladiator.


— Paige


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