9 Habits I’m Starting in 2017

Habits. We all  have them. Good or bad, there are always a handful of things that we just seem to do naturally. From rolling out of bed and using the restroom, to the mindless routine to start our vehicles in the morning, there are just certain things that are arbitrary.

Now that I’m getting older, I’m beginning to learn a lot about myself, my preferences, way of doing things, and some of my most stubborn habits. Sure, I’ve got plenty of great habits, but there’s a few habits I want to leave with my adolescence. I mean at some point, I need to start believing in this “adulting” thing!

So I’ve made a little list to share with you all, but mostly to hold myself accountable for some of the good habits that I’d like to start this year!

Saving Money. 

Money, money, money. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. It’s the pain in everyone’s ass. Except maybe Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates. But I, like most of you I assume, I’m not sitting on a pile of money like them. So money causes a great deal of worry and stress. But I can’t blame it all on the money. I’d be lying if I said that every dime and nickel I earned was spent wisely and responsibly. Come on, sometimes you’ve gotta Treat Yo Self! Unfortunately though, I’ve treated myself one too many times and I’ve gotta grow up. I want to start religiously saving money and budgeting like I have some sense. My goal is to budget my finances each pay period so I don’t have to wince every time I open the Chase app.

Keeping My Living Space Clean. 

This sounds pretty obvious, I mean come on. My mama raised me better than this. But after four years of college dorm life and sloppy off campus housing, I’ve slacked off quite a bit. I’ve actually come to discover that I’m quite messy. I used to use the excuse that the cleanliness of my apartment reflected the chaos in my life…but now it’s starting to look like my life is the latest episode of dirty jobs. Not cool Paige. So I want to step into my womanly shoes and take care of my place. I don’t want to live like a young person, I want to live like a woman. It’s time to make my apartment, a warm and inviting home. That means that instead of waiting until “later” to load the dishwasher or digging through a pile of not so clean clothes when it’s time to get dressed, I organize my home and my life.

Skipping the Drive Thru & Start Making Home Cooked Meals. 

Oh this is a tough one. Anyone who knows me understands that I LOVE fast food. The scale doesn’t reflect this guilty pleasure (which I’m sure I’ll appreciate in about 10 years) but it’s time to cut back. Yes, that means less drive-thrus at my second home McDonald’s and more trips to the grocery. I actually rather enjoy a nice trip to the store. There’s just something about having a detailed list and pushing a grocery cart from aisle to aisle that make me feel like I’ve got my shit together.

I also have to admit that I’m ashamed by how much more food I can buy at my local grocery with the same money I can spend at Pizza Hut. These quick runs that make me feel like I’m saving time only lead to the same question at meal time, “What’s on the menu?” I also want to feel like I’m putting healthy foods into my system. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a greasy burger, deep-fried french fries, and a cool glass of wine every once in a while. But I want to be running and keeping up with my grandkids when I’m 90 so that starts with a healthy diet. And besides, I don’t think that Trei will mind me spending some more time in the kitchen.

So this is my vow that I’m going to take the time to buy ingredients, roll up my sleeves and start making home cooked meals.

Stay in Touch with My Siblings & Extended Family. 

I take great pride in my family values. I adore my family and credit them to the woman I am today. But living on my own in Phoenix has made me painfully independent. I find myself having to remind myself to text my cousins or check in on my little rascals. Mom and I still talk at least twice a day, but she’s the exception. I don’t think we could go over 24 hours without catching up on the latest drama. However, I’d like to feel that I have that same depth with my other family members. I’d love to start having family trips, frequent phone calls, and inside stories with the larger family. With the recent change of events in my family, I feel that there’s no better time than now.

Getting a Full Night’s Rest. 

College. You were so good to me. But those days (or should I say nights) are long gone. It’s time for me to start getting some real shut-eye. I’m a full-fledged adult now, with a strict regimen of an 8-5 job. These commitments require me to be fully charged in order to be successful. So unfortunately, that’s goodbye all-nighters and hello to going to bed at a decent hour.

Setting an Alarm & Sticking To It.

Believe it or not, I am a hard sleeper. My boyfriend will be the first to tell you, despite my small physique, I sleep like a rock! I could (and have on a few occasions) slept through an earthquake. But this becomes a real problem when I’ve gotta be in the office in 15 minutes. So this echoes my previous point about getting a decent sleep – I need to be fresh as a daisy when my alarm goes off. No more grunting and whining when I have to roll out of bed. I want to start being prepared in the mornings and having a sweet little routine prior to getting my day started. This includes waking up with enough time to stretch and rub my eyes, making breakfast and even a warm cup of coffee. Imagine, being able to catch a piece of the news and kissing Trei before I head out the door!

Making a Trip to the Pump Before my Gas Light Comes On. 

Oh boy. I’m so guilty of this and for that, I’m pretty embarrassed. I have my moments of laziness and procrastination and often utter the words, “I’ll do it later”. Until I have 30 miles to find the nearest gas station before my beloved Ruby (my maroon Honda) taps out on me. This letters up to me being more proactive and up to date on my responsibilities outside of the office.

Living Healthy. 

Exercise has never been a word that I’ve kept in my vocabulary. I was always an active kid but the idea of working out makes me want to vomit. So I want to find a way to live a healthy and active lifestyle without feeling like I’m the prissy girl with the Voss water carrying pink dumbbells. I’d love to enroll in a choreography class or even sign up for yoga so I can get back to my limber cheerleading days! Ideally, I’d love to gain a few healthy pounds and add a few curves to my body while I’m at it.

Travel More, and Travel Often. 

I’ve been pretty good at this as of late but I’d like to keep it up! I love planning a fun trip to a new city and it has made my life so fulfilling. So where to next?!


— Paige

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