Celebration: Reaching Career Milestones

A week ago today, I celebrated a very special milestone. One that I have dreamt of since I was little. Like most little girls, I’d always dreamt of the day that I’d find my calling the world. A career that not only was fulfilling, but challenged me to be a better professional and woman.

June 13th, 2016

This day will forever mark the day that I began paving my way into the professional world. I celebrated my one year anniversary at my first full-time job as an advertising and marketing professional.

I’m amazed at how much I have grown in just a short year. I have learned so much from the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and through the ever-so-changing industry. I remember that first day like it was yesterday! I was so overwhelmed by both fear, anxiety, and excitement! Thoughts of “will they like me?” and “am I really cut out for this job?” filled my mind. But I was welcomed by warm smiles from my coworkers who have now developed into great friends.

Here were some of my initial thoughts.

I feel an abundance of joy and blessings as I reflect on this year of challenges and growth. I finally feel that I have found my gig. Advertising suits me perfectly with my craving for constant change and movement as well as my outgoing nature. I can be myself while being pushed from my comfort zone each and every day. No day is ever the same in advertising. Just when you think you’ve mastered it, things change. There’s truly nothing like it!

I’ve also felt such a sense of value in this industry and at my amazing company. At such a young age and fresh out of college, I feel that I am able to contribute to such powerful things. I feel that I have garnered so much respect with my colleagues as well.

Who can say that they have a great relationship with the CEO and C-Level executives at their company in just one year? I can!

I’ve never felt more inspired. Sharing a drink after work with my peers has become so invigorating now that I have found myself and feel like I am a part of a professional community.

I can say that I have been a part of things much larger than myself and I’ve seen it in the community I live in. Just imagine seeing a billboard on your way to work, an ad on Pandora, or even a commercial as you watch your favorite television show that you or your company has been a part of! That’s the beauty and craziness of advertising folks. I’ve been in a commercial, spoken with high-profile executives, contributed in new business pitches valued over 2 million dollars and have racked up a roster of clients that I’d never dreamed of reaching by 22 years old.

I’d like to say that I’ve made my alumnus proud, but better yet, I’ve made myself proud. I was once a passive girl from a city in the Midwest. Now I’m living in one of the largest metropolitan cities, making a difference and creating a name for myself in this business. So I want to make a virtual toast to the many years ahead of me in marketing and advertising. May I continue to find growth, happiness, and success in my career and that I am able to leave a bit of sunshine everywhere I go.


— Little Miss Sunshine




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  1. Taylor says:

    Continue to grow and be great! I’m excited for you to be a good path towards a bright future! Don’t let anyone doubt you or bring you down because the only way from this point on is up! If you have an idea that you believe is a good one always follow through with it and don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t worry about anything because you are going to be GREAT!

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    1. Aww Taylor! What a sweet comment(: thank you so much doll! You just made my day. I’m trying to keep my head held high and keep shining(: I hope you stick around to hear how things are going. Have a wonderful Sunday sweetheart (:

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