Sit Down. Be Humble.

Today, I realized that it is so important to slow down, sit down, thank God for your blessings, and to be humble. I took a huge gulp of that sweet taste of reality this afternoon.

Nothing is ever promised. 

Life, being the ever so promising roller coaster that it is, threw a mean curveball today. My company is having some hardships if you will. We were forced to let go of quite a few people. Many were dear friends and role models and in just a few words, they’re gone.

I write this post, not in an effort to make this about myself but to pause and say thank you for my blessings. So easily could that have been me. I’m only a coordinator and have been with the company for an unimpressive 11 months. I’ve asked myself all day,

Why not me?

It seemed like an obvious decision for them to let me go in order to cut down on expenses — I mean, it would have been easy. But by the grace of God, I was spared. This day has reminded me to always be humble and grateful for the simple things. Although this post is brief, it is a powerful reminder.

To all of my dear friends that I won’t have the pleasure of seeing tomorrow, it’s been an honor to have worked alongside you and to learn from you. May your days be brighter.

— Paige

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